Art Direction
Web design

Yoox perspective on Nike stories

In the past years, we designed a new way to support Nike seasonal launches for Yoox platforms. To create relatable content that could inspire the Yoox consumers, we collaborated with female photographers and storytellers to leverage an authentic tone of voice, crafting a new female point of view.

A new take on e-commerce storytelling

Throughout the seasons, we highlighted the most important launches for Nike and Yoox female consumers, recrafting the stories in a language she could relate and connect with.
From visual assets to moving image, the content spread on all Yoox digital platforms: from their Nike brand page to both organic and sponsored social media output, with a digital-first approach on each project's art direction.

Product focused content lived along with editorial shots, giving the stories a new perspective every time, but keeping consistency with the seasonal approach. This method gave real results: on Yoox e-commerce, Nike has seen an increase in visibility and page visits, and gradually became more relevant for the female consumer.

Comprehensive creative production

For all Nike launches on Yoox, we follow every aspect of production, execution and delivery. We always ensure to have a custom creative team to better match the story we want to tell, giving space to female perspectives.
We collaborate with both clients to match their high standard of visual assets and authenticity across styling, casting, location scouting and set design, editing and post-production.

The journey does not stop just on Yoox official channels. We often partner with local and national ambassadors to seed them and amplify the stories on all social platforms. We supervise the content creation and scheduling of posts.


Images by
Federica Simoni
Nadia Moro
Chiara Predebon
Martina Giammaria
Clara Melchiorre
Eleonora D'Angelo
Chiara Romagnoli
Video by
Matteo Molteni
Gianluca Grandinetti
Kart Duo