Motion Graphic

Unbox the Genius within

In occasion of the Milan FW20 Fashion Week Moncler revealed its new fashion journey, part of its larger Genius initiative. Under the motto "One House, Different Voices" it unveiled eight new collections, eight designers and further exceptional collaborations for a creative initiative that goes way beyond a usual fashion show. During this period we have been commisioned to amplify Moncler Genius' dynamic nature, to overstate its commitment to experimentation and to produce multiple and abondant assets that could push the boundaries of conventional fashion physical and digitial communication. 

We've produced a vast set of animations which found purpose both online and offline. Some have been designed to merely communicate with a strong sense of discovery and suspence the revelatory dates for the unveiling of each collection and designer, others have been used to create immersive spaces and uttelry embracing experiences within the show and multiple shops both in Milan and Paris. The campaign has been pushed through Moncler's social media channel and also advertised on all physical platforms throughout the two fashion capitals, sometimes occupying enormous relevance both in terms of space and influence: all windows of Moncler's shopfront in Avenue des Champs-Élisée in Paris and a massive billboard in Piazza Liberty in Milan.

The whole campaign and its visuals obtained incredible visibility thanks to its impactful yet flexible conception. Its main structure was easily adaptable to include both visual and informational contents and showcase them under the same elegant and distinctive graphic treatment. Designers like JW Anderson, 1952, Grenoble, Simon Rocha, Craig Green, 1017 Alyx 9SM, Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara, Richard Quinn and collaborative projects with Poldo Dog Couture, Mate.Bike and Rimowa "Reflection" gave the Genius  initiative impressive exposure and wide coverage resulting in a joined success for both Moncler's visibility and ours.