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A history of contemporary relevance

Pineider undoubtedly prides itself on an impressive history, its significance is undeniable, due to its high-end range of unique products: paper, pens and leather goods. Pineider’s timeless products represent status symbols of discrete luxury and sophisticated wealth, relatable to affluent people and institutions in Italy and abroad. This luxury, yet understated brand asked us to embark on a full visual refresh, from the elaboration of a new strategic DNA through to core graphic assets, art-direction, web design, social media management and in-store activations. Our goal was to give Pineider new spiritual and visual enthusiasm, elevate the brand’s creative purpose, give its heritage a contemporary status.

Future Means: a purposeful new mission

Pineider, an Italian craftmanship brand that dates back to 1774, has a long-standing history in writing instruments, paper distribution and leather goods. They designed iconic products which passed by the hands of the most powerful italian aristocracy and influential entrepreneurs. Now the brand is facing a global public and its reachness has become much broader and democratic. Its purpose is then become much harder, but for this reason is aiming even higher: to represent and fuel future, change and the empowerment of the people thanks to its simple, but infinitely powerful means. 

Our approach involved several aspects of the brand communication starting from the creation of a new set of core values and an inspiring manifesto. We decided to shift the effective value of the actual object towards the immense potential of the person using it, replacing the distance of the status symbol with the proximity of a humanistic approach that puts people first, with their ambitions and intents upfront, and give Future its new Means of expression.

Comprehensive creative production

For all Nike launches on Yoox, we follow every aspect of production, execution and delivery. We always ensure to have a custom creative team to better match the story we want to tell, giving space to female perspectives.
We collaborate with both clients to match their high standard of visual assets and authenticity across styling, casting, location scouting and set design, editing and post-production.

The journey does not stop just on Yoox official channels. We often partner with local and national ambassadors to seed them and amplify the stories on all social platforms. We supervise the content creation and scheduling of posts.


Images by
Federica Simoni
Nadia Moro
Chiara Predebon
Martina Giammaria
Clara Melchiorre
Eleonora D'Angelo
Chiara Romagnoli
Video by
Matteo Molteni
Gianluca Grandinetti
Kart Duo